Pia in Peace…

This is the post excerpt.


Hi everyone!! A warm welcome to my newly created blog. This is my very first post for all you wonderful readers. I am a happily married lady with the best husband in the world and fantastic people around me. But in amid of life, I have encountered many cases of innocent girls who have completely lost interest in their lives. I am deeply effected by the fact that sometimes humans not only forget happiness but they don’t even sense pain. Death is not the greatest loss, the even more greater loss to humanity is when a person forgets his identity, stops living life and becomes a live dead. It is my attempt to recognize this human behaviour which is taking this marvellous creation of God away from getting nurtured. So I created this blog in the form of an story based on true events for u all to understand the fact that woman is so naturally powerful but we have no right to hurt her in any way!!

I will keep posting an article every day, if you like them your ideas, suggestions and feedback is welcomed.